About The collaborative


Our Roots


The Hispanic Collaborative is a direct outcome of community visioning by over 100 Hispanic community leaders in response to the 2016 Latino Study, conducted by the Greater Milwaukee Foundation. As outlined in this study, our community has experienced exponential population growth and in its ability to impact our region's workforce, competitiveness and economic prosperity. However, this same research also points to persistent challenges.


Where Are We Going

As part of our process, we looked at how Milwaukee ranks against 50 other Hispanic cities.  Milwaukee is 39th out of 50 for Hispanic Well Being.  Through this initiative, we are focused on improving outcomes for our community and move Milwaukee into the top 10.


How Will We Get There

With a data driven approach, we are focusing on areas that will give us the most improvement. Each area of focus will have an active and broad-based Community Working Group focused on its mission that will develop strategy and align resources to improve outcomes for Hispanics and help move us into the top 10.  Learn more about these committees.