Community Working Group 5-15-19

Hispanic Prosperity Committee Notes


  Key Takeaways

  • A lack of understanding of the      pathways to a living wage combined with significant barriers­­- cultural,      transportation, financial literacy, disadvantaged generational/wealth-      create a cyclical situation that limits opportunities to access higher      paying jobs.
  • A willingness and desire to      have a diverse workforce may not translate into organizational knowledge      of how to attract and recruit available talent, nor how to reach our      Hispanic workforce, including the pipeline of future workforce employees      and those currently working in low wage jobs.
  • The significant barriers facing      our Hispanic community may be largely environmental, such as the      transportation mismatch to access job opportunities and including the      racial subculture in specific trades.

Entrepreneurship Committee Notes


 Key Takeaways 

  • Our community lacks capital and      access to capital as there may be limited knowledge of resources available      and few relatable coaches/mentors, including Spanish-speaking ones, to      provide proper guidance and build confidence for potential small business      owners.
  • The numerous organizations      currently working in the space of supplier diversity programs may be      underutilizing the existing pool of Hispanic diversity suppliers.
  • Different measures and metrics      of how to track Hispanic business ownership may not be optimal.

Civic Participation Committee Notes


  Key Takeaways

  • A lack of knowledge of civics      basics and of the voting process along with partisan noise and cultural  barriers may create a feeling of unintended apathy towards voting,      especially with all the other competing life priorities.
  • There isn’t a nonpartisan group      focused on increasing voter turnout and the current engagement of our Hispanic      community is politically opportunistic vs. providing educational resources      and tools to cut through the confusion.
  • The lack of Hispanic      representation in all levels of government isn’t motivating for Hispanics      to participate nor join as an “elected.” Our “high touch” community      engagement is expensive and logistically harder for grassroots outreach      efforts to GOTV (get out the vote).